Christmas lights and hanging them up

I was just browsing through Facebook today and noticed one of my friends had already posted a photo of their CHristmas tree in their living room and I was SHOCKED!!! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and you are posting a picture of your tree? On a good note, it was just decorated with a fallo theme and didn’t have the full Christmass theme going on yet. Of course, the Christmas tree does have a varied past.

Made me start thinking about what I should be doing for Christmas lights this year and how I should keep them up. It seems if I want to get creative using zip ties would be a smart way to hold them on to something securely. You see, I kind of scored about 3,000 lights from a yard sale for about $10. They even included 2 rubbermaid containers which alone were worth more than the price. I expected some of the lights to not work but it seems ALL of them miraculously still work. Hard to believe I know.

Looks like my kids will be excited to have the yard lit up with lights BUT I will be unhappy with the power bill at the end of the month I am sure. Of course I would rather have an artificial tree and just buy an oil fragrance lamp that has the scent of blue spruce, cinammon, sugar cookies, or pumpkin spice. When do you put your tree up for the holidays? What are your favorite holiday scents?

About zipcableties

When I am not teaching I am constantly learning. I spend my free time outdoors participating in the world around me. I enjoy crossfit, tennis, and horiculture. I am always looking for new ways to improve and evolve my diet and lifestyle in order to find even more joy in my life. This was not always how I lived my life. I used to be obese and depressed. I have had a strange journey of my own in which after hitting rock bottom I finally began the journey upward. Involved in the manifacturing of cable ties here in the US and believe we should bring more jobs back home.
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